Il Cantuccio New York City

I biscotti di Leonardo


The Cantuccio NYC brings on your table traditional Tuscan specialties handed down from one generation to the other. The preparation in site entirely by hand, the cooking in the oven of the store and the choice of the highest quality ingredients, ensure freshness and authenticity to every bite.


Tuscan bread is a real pleasure, sliced and toasted, filled with jam or just with Nutella. The delicious croissants, plain or with Nutella or jam. The classic Pan di Ramerino of Tuscan tradition, with raisins and rosemary in a soft and golden bread.

Another specialty is our focaccia with Nutella: the combination of salty focaccia and the chocolate Nutella makes the taste of this product unforgettable.

Over the weekend we will pamper you with the real Tuscan "ciambelline" (donuts): very light fried round shape dough with a hole and covered with sugar.

Last but not least is the pancioc, soft bread with large pieces of dark chocolate that melts in your mouth.


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