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The biscuits of Prato, also known as “cantucci” or “cantuccini” are one of the glories of our city. These are biscuits made with flour, sugar, eggs, almonds and pine nuts. The cantucci are produced daily by our master bakers who jealously guard the ancient recipe. Another specialty of the city of Prato are the ‘brutti buoni’ (literally ‘ugly but good’), biscuits made with a delicate almond paste and cooked at a low temperature to ensure the fragrance. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, the brutti buoni are usually served as a dessert with a glass of Tuscan Vin Santo.

Our specialty are the cantucci variants with chocolate, figs, plum and apricot that unlike the classic almond, are deliciously softer.

The ingredients used for all our products are of the highest quality and carefully selected.

All of our cantucci are produced without oil, butter or preservatives. May contain nuts, almonds or whole pine nuts or traces.


This delightful handmade cantuccio comes from the mixture of eggs, sugar and flour enriched with dark chocolate; these ingredients, expertly combined by skilled hands, give life to a soft and tasty dough.

What makes this product unique is the fact that it retains the softness and irresistible sweetness of dark chocolate. A cookie with a unique flavor that can be enjoyed during breakfast, soaked in milk or as a snack with an aromatic tea, or perfect as a dessert accompanied by a good glass of Moscato or Rum.


The cantuccio with almonds is obtained through a simple handmade dough made of eggs, flour, almonds, sugar and pine nuts. The mixture is then baked in the oven to be cut when it is still hot. The particularity of this cookie, in addition to the characteristics of authenticity, is the fragrance that makes the cookie literally melts on the palate.

A unique product, usually accompanied by a glass of Vin Santo, served as a dessert or with tea for breakfast or as a snack.


This delicious cookie, handmade by our skilled master bakers, follows the same procedure of cooking and mixing of the other types, but is enriched by large dried figs added whole . When you bite the cantuccio with figs, you can feel the essence of the fruit that melts on the palate, as if you could delight this typical summer fruit all year round. A cantuccio that will amaze your senses, which is well accompanied by a Moscato, a white wine or to be eaten with honey and cheese.


This handmade cantuccio, obtained by pouring sugar, eggs, flour and yeast, is enriched in all his being, with rich dried apricots added to the mixture.

The apricots, because of their authenticity, are not all the same, and have various shades of color between them. The cantuccio, due to the addition of this precious fruit, gets a unique flavor.

Perfect to taste in the morning accompanied by milk and coffee, or after a meal with a good Nocino or Moscato di Pantelleria.


This delicious cantuccio, handmade, prepared with the mixture of eggs, sugar and yeast is enhanced by the addition of juicy plums that make it delicious to the palate.


The Brutti ma Buoni (literally ‘ugly but good’) also known as "almond of San Clemente," are typical sweets of Prato.

The recipe is very simple, involves the use of white almond, whipped egg whites, sugar and hazelnuts. With the dough, completely made by hand, are created small irregular spheres (hence the "ugly") on the edible sheet into the pan and are cooked in the oven.

The distinctive features of this product are its sweetness, the intense flavor of almond and the different shape every time. A unique product, served as a dessert, often accompanied by Vin Santo.


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