Il Cantuccio New York City

I biscotti di Leonardo

History and tradition

Authenticity, tradition and passion... these are our secrets!

Since 1920 in Migliana, an ancient village in the middle of Tuscany, there is a bakery where you can still enjoy the genuine taste of traditional flavors. It was here that, thanks to the experience and teaching of my maestro Leonardo Santi, in 1999 I developed the idea to twist some of the ingredients to try new combination of taste, although remaining faithful to the original, secret recipe.

The result was surprising and innovative, but above all delicious!

Our recipes are prepared using carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality and with great care in processing, which is entirely by hand, respecting the original recipes of maestro Leonardo.

Every day expert hands make the dough of our cantucci. They place the loaves in the pans and once cooked they cut them entirely by hand and place the cantucci in the wicker baskets with great care.



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